DIY: Faux Marble Table Top

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Faux marble table top

This weekend I did a little makeover (IKEA hack really) on our old DOCKSTA table that was looking a little dingy.  We’ve had that table for over five years I think (maybe 7) and the top was showing it, definitely in stains, scuffs and dings.  So I know this is more of a temporary solution as I don’t know how long this will last, but whatever it is, it’s a big improvement over what we had.  Check out my before and after:

Before and after faux marble table top hack

It’s hard to see the stains in the picture (but trust me they’re there), and yes I switched out the kitchen chairs with the dining ones (they just seemed to want to be together after this – and we don’t have a dining table anyway yet).  We hope to build a nook type banquette eventually here with maybe even a real tulip table one day (dream).

My how-to? I used faux marble contact paper!  I know (pretty temporary) but I might purchase a glass top to cover it, or when it does start to peel (er, um melt), I’ll just lay some new stuff!  (I was inspired by Catherine Therrien’s project in April’s Style at Home where she used washi tape). Laying it was super tricky and measuring it was worse, as anyone who has one of these tables knows, it’s super heavy; so to flip over to trace out a nice circle was not going to happen.  But basically I just placed the paper (design face down) and then traced with a pencil the circle that way.  And then applied!  The paper I picked up (Grip-Tac) was pretty bubble proof so really no bubbles to be had, but the ones that did appear I popped with a pin.  And that was it.  My faux marble table top! (Psssst! I kind of want to marbelize everything now).

Jan Halvarson

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