DIY Camp Mug Candle

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DIY camping mug candle

Hi all! Emily + Erick of Hello Home Shoppe here —we’re so excited to share another DIY on Poppytalk! This time of year, we’re looking forward to fall camping trips–huddled over a campfire with with a thermos of steaming mulled cider, wool blankets, and a good book, who says summer should have all the fun?

Inspired by our fall camping getaways, we fashioned up this Campfire-Scented Camp Mug Candle DIY so you can enjoy the nostalgic scent of a campfire all year round–no tent required!

Supplies needed for making a camp mug candle.

You Will Need:

A camp mug —try a thrift store or outdoor shop
Candle wax–we like the soy variety
String (this will be your homemade wick)
Campfire fragrance oil


1.) Thread your string through the two holes of the button and make a knot. Pull taught and snip after measuring the height of your mug (cut an inch longer than you think you’ll need).
2.) Melt a little bit of wax according to manufacturer’s directions (we bought microwavable wax–it saves so much time). Dip the string and button into your wax to coat entirely. Once coated, lay it on a paper towel to dry a few minutes.
3.) Once dry, anchor your newly fashioned wick in the center of your mug–adhering the button to the mug with a little wax if need be. Wrap the excess wick around a pencil balanced on the lip of the mug.
4.) Melt the rest of your wax. Pour in a capful or two of fragrance oil and mix with hot wax. Pour the mixture into your camp mug and let dry a few hours.
5.) Once the wax is solidified, cut the wick.

Making a candle wick
Making the candle
DIY camping mug candle

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