DIY Speckle-Painted Lampshade

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Speckle lamp shade DIY

Today we’re excited to share a project from Rebecca Atwoods new beautiful new book, Living With Pattern: Color, Texture and Print at Home from Potter. 

The book is all about how to tell your story with pattern, going through each room of a home from various artists/designers who Rebecca admires, but who also know how to make a home that is reflective of the home owners story. A section filled with gorgeous homes including tips and tricks on creating personal, patterned spaces. 

The end of the book features several DIY projects from decoupage to embroidered placemats.  Fresh updated projects on classic ideas such as marbling, weaving and shibori.  Like this speckle-painted lampshade we asked to share here.  Check out the how-to below!

Supplies speckled lampshade

DIY Speckle-Painted Lampshade

Customizing a lampshade is an easy way to add pattern to your bedside table. This small accent may be just what you need if you have limited space. Here an organic pattern is painted on the shade to give it new life. If you’re unsure about painting your own design, you can always go for a stripe. The pattern possibilities are endless, so sketch out a few ideas prior to starting.

Water-based paint, such as gouache or acrylic
Brushes for painting and/or stenciling
Stencils (optional)
Lamp base
Apron or old clothes

STEP 1: Paint
Just dive in. Have fun and paint freely, or stencil the design of your choosing. Here I used blue and black gouache. Gouache gives a softer look than acrylic because it has a matte finish. I recommend using only a little bit of water. Simply wet your brush prior to dipping it in the paint. If your paint feels too thick, just add a little more water until you get a consistency you like. First I put down larger spots of a soft blue, followed by a second layer of smaller black spots.

STEP 2: Finish
Let the paint dry completely before fitting the shade on your lamp base. Light up your room!

Living With Pattern: Color Texture and Print at Home by Rebecca Atwood is available on Amazon.  Click HERE for the link.

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