DIY | No-Sew Je T’aime Pennant 

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diy no sew valentines pennant

With Valentine’s just around the corner (only a month away), with a super-easy no-sew project, we are kicking off the month of love a “Je T’aime and/or “Love” pennant for the one you love!  I love this project as it’s a little less sugary sweet for the guys for a gift, and would also just make for a nice little something for yourself (for your home office), or maybe even your teen’s room.  Whatever you use it for, it’s a fun project and we hope you’ll try it out!  Check it out below!

No-Sew “Je T’aime” Pennant

This is a simple project that requires no sewing machine.  Everything is done with a glue gun and iron-on embroidery letters. And it can be done in less than an hour!

What you’ll need:
1 large piece of felt (2′ x 1′)
1 small piece of felt (12″x 10″)
Iron-On Embroidery Letters (available at any craft store) to spell out what you’d like. (Note: for the accent in “Je T’aime” I just cut out a small black triangle, and glued it onto a larger white triangle – remnants from the backing of the iron-on embroidery letters)
Glue gun
2 foot long piece of newspaper

Step One:
With a pencil, draw a pattern of a triangle out on a piece of newspaper.  Measure it to be (24″ wide and 9″ high).  Cut out the triangle. 

Step Two:
Pin the cut out pattern you just made from newspaper onto the large piece of felt.  Cut out the felt around the pattern.  Set aside.

Step Three:
From the smaller piece of felt (the black in our case), cut a 1/2 inch wide by 9 inches wide piece for the long border (angled on each end to the shape of the triangle.  And then cut 4 small pieces (the black in our case), 4 inches long by 1/2 inch wide.

Step Four:
Hot glue on the first small (4″) piece about one inch from the top of the 9 inch side , and then glue the second small piece on top of it. Repeat at the bottom.  Then hot glue the long 9 inch piece on top to cover them both.

Step Five:
Line up your letters and center how you would like. Then remove the sticky back and apply!

Step Six:
Send to your Valentine! Or keep for yourself!

diy no sew valentines pennant

Jan Halvarson

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