DIY Wooden Mobiles 

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This past week we were inspired by our friendly neighborhood shop and workshop place, Collage Collage’s fun mobile project they posted on Instagram. I asked  owner Erin Bonifero if she’s be interested in sharing the project on here on Poppytalk!  This mobile project is something they do at their Crafternoon Campsthey are holding this summer at their Main Street shop here in Vancouver which anyone is welcome to sign up and join if you happen to be in the Vancouver area.  Erin explains their inspiration and shares a few how-to photos below.

DIY Wooden Mobiles
 By Erin Bonifero of Collage Collage


You will need
—Approx 9 or more different cut or scrap pieces of wood (some larger, some smaller) ranging anywhere from 1″ high (2.5 cm)  to 12″ high (30 cm) —both approx. 1″ thick.
—eye hooks (1 for each mobile)
—bright coloured craft paints
—paint brush

We were inspired by Bruno Munari and his amazing found object sculptures. We came across a simple painted piece of wood; and adapted it to best suit our 5-9yr old students. Under Russell Leng’s guidance the campers painted blocks of wood (a different colour or pattern on each side) and then stacked them to make a composition. We added an eye hook to the top + strung them up, spinning them to see what happened to the colours as they move. (See images below).

While we don’t offer a kit for this project yet – it IS something we’re doing at our Crafternoon Art Camps this summer. So Vancouver families can sign up and join us.

Visit Collage Collage 
3697 Main St. (21st and Main)
Vancouver, BC V5V 3N7

And online:
Shop: shop.collagecollage.ca
Site collagecollage.ca
Instagram: @collagecollage
Facebook: CollageCollage

Also, check out Russell Leng’s work! He just launched a new side project!

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