Holiday Tree Printable Poster for Winter Solstice

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Winter tree printable poster

Winter Solstice has a special meaning for me and every year I look for something special to share here online with our readers. I’ve always wanted one of those tree posters for the holidays, so for the first day of winter, I created this one, a printable file you can download and either print onto an 8.5″ x 11″ letter sized paper or a larger 36″x24″ poster you can send to your local printer to print off.  I just emailed the file to our local printer and asked him to print it out on engineer paper (the type of paper they use to print off blueprints). He printed it off for me within a couple of hours. My printer charged me $6 for the 36”x24” file as an engineer print.  See below for the how-to.

Printable holiday tree close-up

Holiday Tree Printable for Winter Solstice

You will need
1 printable file (click HERE for the 8.5″x11″ or HERE for the 36″ x 24″)
tape (to tape to the wall) or
2 wooden dowels (with string and hooks) to create a hanging frame
fairy lights (optional) and sewing pins to attach to the paper

Just download the file size you prefer and either print on your printer or send the file to your local printer to print onto an engineer paper.  Frame as you like (either tape or tape or glue to wooden dowels and hang with string. Once hung, decorate using fairy lights (we attached ours to the paper using sewing pins.

Happy Solstice!

printable holiday tree poster
Image of printable tree poster
Close-up Printable tree poster
printable holiday tree poster

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