3 Murals, 3 Spaces, 3 Parts 

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This post is in partnership with Society6Society6 recently added wallpapers and murals to their product family which are printed on self-adhesive woven polyester fabric panels that are easy to stick on and off without messing up your walls. 

In our final installment of our series, “3 Murals, 3 Spaces, 3 Parts”,  we chose a mural which makes us feel like we’re right in the middle of a spaghetti western. Joshua Tree / California Desert by Adventure Awaits was an obvious choice for us, since Joshua Tree is on our must-see list of places to go. And, pssst! I think this one just might be my favourite.

And like we mentioned in our previous post, we’ve styled this latest mural three different ways. An entryway, a workspace and a living space.  With these murals it’s easy to cover an entire wall, just line the panels up and stick them on. If you’re wishing to know how we installed them, please visit our first post from this series where we explain the process by clicking here.  And if you wish to remove them, they’re easy to peel off too, leaving no sticky residue behind. The other thing that’s good to know is that their murals and wallpaper are all washable, just use mild soap and water.
So let’s take a look at our three spaces, shall we?

The Entryway
I love this mural for an entryway. It makes you feel like you’re on some sort of movie set or something. It think it would also make a fun photobooth backdrop. Can’t wait to dig up some western gear and maybe host a party soon!

The Workspace
This paper could be fun to style into a workspace also.  I totally would love this in my work area. It feels like you’re working outdoors (and in a warm spot)!

So what do you think? Which space did you prefer the mural in? Which was your favourite mural in the series? 

To be honest, there are so many beautiful wallpapers and murals at  Society6 it was hard to even just pick these three. As I was installing and hanging them, I thought what fun they would be in a dorm setting too.  And no problem to remove once you finish the year (just remember to save the backing papers to store again)!  

Jan Halvarson

Jan founded Poppytalk in 2005 while a student at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (now ECU) to catalogue inspiration from typography to interior design. Since then she’s collaborated with Target (creating a limited edition glamping collection), a wallpaper collection with Milton & King, as well has written as a contributor at Wired, Martha Stewart and Huffington Post.