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Eugene Choo Vancouver

The next shop we’re featuring in our Small Business series is Eugene Choo located here in Vancouver, B.C.  We don’t normally post about fashion here on the blog —but there are some exceptions to the rule, and I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I have always just had a soft spot for this local clothing store. Maybe it’s the cursive “Welcome Home” sign that pulled me in all those years back (when cursive wasn’t even a thing yet). But, I think what it is, is, if I owned a clothing store I would only hope it would have even an ounce of the cool that is Eugene Choo. There’s just stuff there you can’t find anywhere else, for both Men and Women —and there’s always a surprise that you wouldn’t expect in a clothing store, and they were doing that too before it was cool anywhere else. Anyway if you get a chance, you must check them out on or offline (you won’t be disappointed). Pro-tip: Sign up for their newsletter which is always full of wit and pizzaz! Also as you’ll see below, they will be launching their online store early December, so even if you don’t live nearby, you can take advantage of their exquisite finds too!  

Let’s take a look!

Eugene Choo interior

Eugene Choo 

Shop/Studio Address:  3683 Main St. Vancouver, BC 
Instagram: @eugene_choo 
Twitter: eugene_choo 
Do You Sell Online? 
We are about to launch our online store ETA early Dec. 
Shop Description: 
Womens and Mens Clothing, Shoes and Accessories with a healthy smattering of whatnot 
Eugene Choo store
List 5 favourite/popular items 
1. Votivo Red Currant Candle 
Votivo red currant candle

2. Macon et Lesquoy hand embroidered brooches

Macon et Lesquoy hand embroidered brooches

3. Le Mont St. Michel Dog Tote(in 3 colours) 

Le Mont St. Michel bag

4. Strathcona Stockings Silk Eye Masks 

Strathcona silk eye masks

5. Henrik Vibskov Socks (His and Hers) 

Henri Vibskov socks
List a favourite go-to gift idea from the shop 
The Votive Red Currant Candle (pictured from above)

Eugene Choo 

Shop/Studio Address:  3683 Main St. Vancouver, BC 
Instagram: @eugene_choo 
Twitter: eugene_choo 
Eugene Choo Vancouver
Eugene Choo interior
Eugene Choo
Eugene Choo exterior

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