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Continuing with our Small Business profile series, today we’re excited to share another small biz retail shop here in Vancouver, called Stepback.  Situated in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver, this is the shop for all things vintage for the home. We have always loved the displays and how every week the shop is refreshed with their latest finds (which by the way are always ace). So if you are looking for a special vintage piece, be it a wooden crate, a sliding wall ladder for your tall home library, or maybe a cool old typewriter to write your next romance novel, Stepback is the place. Our pro-tip is to follow them on their Instagram account @stepback_ca for their daily shop updates! There’s always a treasure to be had. Let’s check out some of the faves below.

Shop Street Address: 2936 West Broadway Avenue, Vancouver,B.C., V6K 2G8, Canada
Instagram: @stepback_ca
Facebook: Stepback
Shop Description: 
A beautifully curated shop filled with one of a kind vintage stock and new items for your life.  

List 5 favourite items:

1. Re-Cover Journals
Re-cover Journals

2. Vintage Typewriters

Vintage typewriters Stepback

3.  Cavallini Paper Charts

Cavallini Paper charts

4.  Vintage Wooden Crates

Wooden crate Stepback

5. Rosco Emmit Candles

Rosco Emmit Candles
Shop Street Address: 2936 West Broadway Avenue, Vancouver,B.C., V6K 2G8, Canada
Instagram: @stepback_ca
Facebook: Stepback

Jan Halvarson

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