Zodiac Gift Guide | Aquarius

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Aquarius gift guide
(January 20 – Feb. 18)
Hello Aquarian people! I seem to know a lot of you and you’re a special, special group. What I admire about you most is you all seem to beat to your own drummer and are some of the most humanitarian people I know. And although you may not like it, people want to shower you with gifts! And shower you we will! These selections, although a little more than what I usually post, you most certainly deserve! Like an oversized biker jacket and some real happening gold chains and penants that you can switch out. You love discussing big ideas and even though some of you may not think it, the amethyst really does suit you.  You might not even know you need that polaroid camera. But here’s my picks for you water bearers! Also, with the name, Aquarius, who knew you were an air sign?
(Currently on sale $251.16 reg $334.88 and $146.18 reg $194.94.
2. Cult Signet Ring, Cult of Youth, £230
3. Oversized Tumbled-Leather Biker Jacket, Raey, $1,073
4. Big Ideas for Curious Minds, An Intro to Philosphy by The School of the School of Life, $33.32, Indigo
5. Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera, $99, Polaroid
6. Beats Wireless Headphones, $399, Beats by Dre
7. Amethyst Crystal, Spirit Daughter
8. Brittney’s Fav, Plastic Ring, La Manso

Jan Halvarson

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