Zodiac Gift Guide | Sagittarius

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Sagittarius gift guide
Our gift guide has begun! I had a ton of fun putting this zodiac-style gift guide together and to kick things off, we’re starting with the sign of the holiday season, Sagittarius. Being one, I’m a little biased but hope I truly know my people well.  A little bit of travel, some horoscope fun, maybe some sunshine, tech loving bluelight blocking glasses, and a temporary tattoo (you know it’s hard to commit)! Fellow Sages, this gift guide is for you! Stay tuned for more!
(November 23 – December 21)
1. Martha Rich Collection, Trays $9 – $10 USD, Fringe Studio (Updated Correction)
2. DROMSACK Backpack, $39.99 CAD, IKEA
3. FEGEN slippers, $6.99 CAD,  IKEA
4. Anti-Bad Vibe Shield, $7.51 CAD, Wild Yonder Botanicals (Etsy Affiliate)
5. Astrology Card Set, $8 USD,  Three Potato Four
6. Crystal Zodiac Kit, $25 USD, Spirit Daughter
7. Hello Sunshine Pennant, $24 USD, Three Potato Four
8. Delft Birds and Flowers Tattoo, $9.99 CAD, Tattooed Now
9. Blue Light Protection Glasses, $129, RA Optics

Jan Halvarson

Jan founded Poppytalk in 2005 while a student at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (now ECU) to catalogue inspiration from typography to interior design. Since then she’s collaborated with Target (creating a limited edition glamping collection), a wallpaper collection with Milton & King, as well has written as a contributor at Wired, Martha Stewart and Huffington Post.