15 Cosmic Valentine’s to Send Out Into the Universe

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stay cosmic valentines card

The season of love is upon us and the world really could use some positive vibes right now don’t you think? This year’s round-up selection of Valentine’s cards was edited with that in mind, to spread some love out into the universe and back.

Stay Cosmic,  Poppytalk.

1. Stay Cosmic

(Above) by Stewart Francis Easton for Red Capp Cards. Available at Collage Collage.

valentines assembly of text

3. Sending You All of My Love

by People I’ve Loved via Nineteen Ten Home


sending love

4. Let’s Canoodle

by The Beautiful Project

Let’s Canoodle The Beautiful Project

5. Signs I Might Be In Love

by People I’ve Loved via Nineteen Ten Home

signs i might be in love card

6. Valentine’s Day Paper Ephemera

by The Regional Assembly of Text

valentines pack assembly of text

7. Let’s Go Steady

by Rifle Paper Co.

Let’s go steady card by Rifle Paper Co.

8. Hologram Heart Card

by Banquet Atelier and Workshop via Collage Collage

hologram heart banquet

9. You Are Out of This World

by Idlewild Co.

spaceship card by Idlewild

11. Eye Heart You

by Idlewild Co.

Eye heart you Idlewild Co

12. Your Romantic Destiny Unveiled

by The Regional Assembly of Text

Your romantic destiny unveiled

13. Queen of Hearts

by Spaghetti and Meatballs

loving you card by assembly of text

15. Sweet Heart Button Badge

by The Regional Assembly of Text

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