15 Best Fire Pits To Keep You Warm

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15 best fire pits obelisk chimnea

In the before times we did a round-up post here on the blog about modern fire pits, and ironically, now more than ever it seems an outdoor fire pit is almost a basic necessity these days when it comes to entertaining (especially so in the cooler spring evenings, like we have here in the PNW). So I thought an applicable post was in order and scoured the web for 15+ of the best fire pits and chimnea’s I could find.

While I find basic fire pits (at least the wood burning ones that I prefer),  are more limited to where you can place them in urban places (due to safety), I was happy to find a few more choices with the chimnea versions (the ones with the chimney) which seem to be a little safer as many are fitted with caged covers or doors to capture fly away ashes. Some of them even come with cooking grills which I think could definitely be an added bonus if you like a little wood burning flavour to your barbecue. Another fun fact, there seems to be a few more styles since that last round-up available here in Canada too (not to worry American readers, we’ve got you covered with some links state-side too (like the above photo, a Black Steel Obelisk Chimnea from Terrain; link below).  

Also included are a few alternative fuel options if you prefer a more controlled setting. Ideal for urban-style patios or small spaces. Favourites seem to be the 2-in-1 type where they double as a cooking grill and fire pit. 

Let’s take a look!

15+ Best Fire Pits

15 best fire pits chimnea round up

1. Angled Obelisk Chimnea, Terrain, 2. Home Run Black Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit, Lowes, 3. Endless Summer, Black Stainless Steel, Fireplace w/Chimney + Grill, Lowes, 4. Pleasant Hearth Stratford Firepit, Best Buy, 5. Black Steel Obelisk Chimnea (Above), Terrain, 6.Square Wood Fireplace, Lowes, 7. Outdoor Fireplace w/Cooking Grill, Costco

As mentioned, alternatively fire pits or bowls using alternative fuel sources can be a great option for backyard patios in urban settings from 

15 best fire pits fire pit round up

8. Outland Oakridge Wood Fire Pit, Costco, 9. OVE Decors Brooks Round Fire Pit, Costco, 10. Bond Stone Propane Fire Pit, Lowes, 11. Real Flame Woodburning Fire Bowl, Costco, 12. OVE Decors Brooks Round Fire Pit, Costco, 13. Vermont Castings 2-in-1 Cooking Grill & Low Smoke Fire Pit, Canadian Tire, 14. Bon Aurora Propane Gas Fire Bol, Canadian Tire

15. Angled Obelisk Chimnea, Terrain

15 best fire pits angled obelisk chimnea

Fire Pit On the Go

And finally, possibly the coolest all-around firepit is Biolite’s FirePit+. A 2-in-1 (fire pit and grill) that you can take on the go. It also boasts a technology where you can enjoy the campfire with out the smoke (a battery operated fan does the job), and then it also turns into a hibachi-style grill. The rechargeable battery pack also doubles as a power source so you can charge your mobile, as well as plug in a light if you wish. 

16. Biolite FirePit, Biolite

15 best fire pits biolite_2_in_1_firepit

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