IKEA Launches Surfing Lifestyle Collection

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Ikea Launches Surfing Lifestyle Collection

Inspired by the surfing lifestyle, IKEA launches the KÅSEBERGA collection

In 2019, IKEA and the World Surf League announced a collaboration to better understand the everyday life of people with a mobile and active way of living in close rhythm with the ocean. The result is a collection of practical and beautifully designed products for the home and life on the go.

The range of KÅSEBERGA includes more than 25 products intended for the home or wherever life takes them. Among those are a hand plane for body surfing, a beach chair, a portable grill, a coffee table (which resembles a vintage surfboard) and a bag uniquely designed to function well for beach clean-ups.

Together with the World Surf League and the reputable surfers Kassia Meador and Rob Machado, the design process has revolved around including functionality, more recycled materials and promoting a more circular lifestyle. As a result, a big part of the products in the KÅSEBERGA collection are made of recycled polyester, while others are made of renewables, such as bamboo and cork.

The KÅSEBERGA collection will launch globally in May 2022. Let’s take a look!

Ikea Launches Surfer Lifestyle Collection

The KÅSEBERGA beach chair coincidentally reminds me of Galant and Jone’s beach chair collection we used to sell in our shop (circa 2014).


KÅSEBERGA Carafe and glass

KÅSEBERGA, named after a small city in Sweden with one of the most southern surf breaks in the country, will launch globally in May 2022. Availability may differ depending on the region.

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