10 Indigenous Artists We Love

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Today in Canada we celebrate National Indigenous People’s Day. Falling on summer solstice each year, it’s an important day to recognize. In honour of this day, I’ve collected a few of my favourite and authentic Indigenous artists/businesses to share on the blog to add to another post I did a while back which you can find here. Check them out below.

2. Split Toe Moccasins by Amber Sandy

3. Hiýáḿ Seed Project by Skwálwen Botanicals and Satinflower Nurseries

4. Shawls by Mini Tipi

5. Birch Bite Design on Blanket by Half Moon Woman for Mini Tipi

6. Soap Set by Sisters Sage

7. Elädzing soaps (which means bee in the Hän language (Trondek Hwechin/Northern Tutchone) by Yukon Soaps Company

8. WSS (Warren Steven Scott) Harvest Dress with one-of-a-kind Black Ash pack basket handcrafted by Mohawk maker Glen Swamp of Akwesasne, featuring adjustable straps with a berry and floral beaded design by Niio Perkins.

9. TunniitCommander print in collaboration with @marthakyak

10. But There Is No Scar —a stunning piece by Catherine Blackburn. Please read the caption, it says so much.

Jan Halvarson

Jan founded Poppytalk in 2005 while a student at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (now ECU) to catalogue inspiration from typography to interior design. Since then she’s collaborated with Target (creating a limited edition glamping collection), a wallpaper collection with Milton & King, as well has written as a contributor at Wired, Martha Stewart and Huffington Post.