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A Gentle Pink

Raspberry Blush may be Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2023, but personally, I’m drawn to another colour in this year’s palette, Tofino Sunset (or Conch Shell if you’re looking at their U.S. site).

“A gentle pink reminiscent of sepia tone, this dusty hue brings to mind thoughts of dusk captured by a vintage film camera. Tofino Sunset may bring a blush to your space, but this hue is not shy. This comforting colour balances out the bold vibes of this palette, appearing almost neutral alongside such striking shades.”

From tiles to nail polish, to wallpaper and beyond, this subtler version of pink lends itself well to surfaces like lighter-toned woods and pale walls, creating a more casual, laid back vibe. I’ve collected a few images with that palette and complimentary colours in mind. Let’s take a look! 

(Above) Hotel âme in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The creamy pink-beige ceramic tiles paired with the light wood of the cabinetry give the space a sense of contemporary ease.

Tofino Sunset collage

1. Five Dock Home, Dilorenzo Tiles, 2. Paint dollop from Benjamin Moore , 3. Tiles from Cle, 4. It’s OK to Feel Things, Wall Hanging from Secret Holiday, 5. From a 1943 Times New Roman Brochure via Print Magazine via Sfgirlbybay, 6. Mesa tile from Fireclay Tile.

The wallpaper (below), Solliciter les dieux  from Farben Schaeffer —a watercolour effect with a cream background.

Solliciter Les Dieux Wallpaper

7. New Terracotta Cotto Tiles, New Terracotta, 8. Feel the Sun, Wall Hanging by Secret Holiday, 9. Allure The Salon, 10. Muslin Duvet Set, H&M Home, 11. Plant Pot and Saucer, H&M Home, 12. Prior Cafe, Melbourne, Australia.

Calabasas, (below), a pinky-beige, with a hint of brown, nail polish.

Calabasas nail polish

Another beautiful example of a faded terracotta tile with lighter-toned wood from the folks at Himmee. Love the combination of the simple square tiles alongside the copper faucet.

The Mario Bellini Sofa in Cape Sands. A soft understated look that could be dressed up like in this room with marble accessories, or in a more casual setting by switching things to lighter wood.

13. Cult of Youth, 14. Candles, H&M Home, 15. Natural Terracotta tiles, HB Classics, 16. Terrazo, 17. Let That Shit Go Print, UO, 18. Cult of Youth

(Below 3 photos) Canpicafort, Ted’A arquitectes, Archdaily.

Jan Halvarson

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