2022 Holiday Card Round-Up

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2022 Holiday Card Round Up

A collection of some of our favourite finds this holiday season.

It’s that time of year again, when we scour the corners of the interwebs looking for the most beautiful holiday cards on the planet. The holiday season is upon us and the hunt is on for the perfect selection of cards to send this year.  From Solstice to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, here’s our list for 2022.     

1. Merry Christmas Card by The Beautiful Project,

2. Peace Be With You by People I‘ve Loved

3. Happy Hanukkah Candles, illustrated by Anke Weckman via Collage Collage

4. Tinsel Tree Card via Nineteen Ten Home

5. Merry Christmas, Naomi Wilkinson via Lagom Design

6. Peace to All Humans, Banquet Workshop via Collage Collage

7.. Gnome For the Holidays via Nineteen Ten Home

8. Advent Ornament Card, Banquet Workshop

9. Funny Santa, The Beautiful Project

10. New Year Luck, Hartland Brooklyn

11. Dear Santa, Hartland Brooklyn

12. Kwanzaa Card, MCA

13. Have a Swell Christmas, Hello Lucky

14. Cozy Cabin, The Regional Assembly of Text

15. Happy Hanukkah, Idlewild Co.

16. Warmest Wishes, Amy Heitman

17. English Bulldog, Amy Heitman

18. Champagne Tower, Idlewild Co. 

19. Assorted Bows, Amy Heitman

20. Desert Snow Globe, Odd Daughter Paper

21. Happiest Solstice, Blackbird Letterpress

22. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Kate Pugsly, Red Cap Cards

Jan Halvarson

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