Spread Love: 50 Adorable Cards For Every Valentine

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Love is love.

It’s been a minute! But of course I couldn’t miss out on posting one of my favourite round-ups of the year with the day of love just around the corner. Valentine’s Day is almost here, a way to honour love and strengthen the bond between loved ones and which also happens to be a favourite around here. As tradition has it,  I’ve mined the Internets for some of the most adorable Valentine’s cards that have crossed my radar recently. Spread Love: 50 Adorable Cards for Every Valentine.

And while on the subject of love. I just want to say, love is love. Let’s just let people love who they want to love.

And to those where Valentine’s Day can evoke different emotions other than happy, or if it’s too commercialized for you, I see you. My main focus for this post is to positively support and celebrate the handmade maker featuring beautiful stationery during this season.

Let’s take a look!

For the Romantic

1. Loving You, Regional Assembly of Text, 2. Signs I Might Be In Love, People I’ve Loved (via Nineteen Ten Home), 3. Palmistry via Nineteen Ten Home, 4. Big Love, Banquet Atelier (via Collage Collage), 5. I’m Adored, Regional Assembly of Text, 6. Your Romantic Destiny Unveiled, Regional Assembly of Text

7. Glad We Matched, Tiny Buffalo Designs (Etsy), 8. Love Is Real, The Coast Goods 9. Sending You All My Love, People I’ve Loved, 10. I’d Stay Up, Tiny Buffalo Designs, 11. Je T’aime, Mr. Boddington, 12. Double Tap Love, Hella Honey

For the Foodie

13. I Love You Berry Much, Idlewild Paper Co. 14. Olive You So Much, Idlewild Paper Co. 15. You Are My Favorite Human Bean, Hello Lucky, 16. You’re My Everything, Idlewild Paper Co., 17. Squeeze, Hartland Brooklyn, 18. Love You So Mush via Nineteen Ten Home

19. Bao Chicka Bao Wow, Tiny Buffalo Designs, 20. I Love You More Than Blue Cheese, Tiny Buffalo Designs, 21. Perfect Pairogi, Tiny Buffalo Designs, 22. No One Stacks Up To You, Tiny Buffalo Designs, 23. You’re Smokin’ , Hella Honey, 24. You Make My Heart Melt, Hartland Brooklyn

For Our BFF’s

25. For You Galentine, 26. Happy Palentine’s Day, The Beautiful Project, 27. Lady Friendship Day, People I’ve Loved, 28. Overall, You’re A Pretty Great Friend, Tiny Buffalo Designs, 29. Dumbest Holiday Ever, 30. Happy Galentine’s Day, Joy Addict

For Animal Lovers

31. I Could Lie Around With You All Day, Red Cap Cards, 32. Cat Heart, Amy Heitman, 33. You’re Purrfect to Me, Idlewild Paper Co. 34. Fur Valentines Egg Press via Nineteen Ten Home, 35. Scrappy Valentine’s Day, Michele Maule, 36. You’re the Cat’s Meow, Hartland Brooklyn

For the Sport Lover

37. I Love You A Yacht, Hartland Brooklyn, 38. Be My Valentine, Janet Hill Studio, 39. I Love You As Much As Golf, Maxey Design Studio, 40. You’re a Catch via The Coast Goods, 41. You’re a Catch, Hartland Brooklyn, 42. I Scored When I Met You, Densen Design

Love is Love.

43. Love Is Love, Red Cap Cards, 44. Love You (Rainbow Heart), Hartland Brooklyn, 45. I Love You, 46. You’re My Favorite, 47. Happy Valentine’s Day, Banquet Workshop,  48. Why I Love You, Lief Shop, 49. I Love You, Leif Shop, 50. Mon Amour, Leif Shop

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